about us

doing our part to preserve culture

Sam the Expert is a platform for people to discover and experience cultural aspects of a city that are core to its identity. We work with experts, trade masters, and local business owners to curate experiences around topics that are culturally significant but are either extremely hard to access or are dying off. By offering these experiences, we bring exposure and sustainability to these crafts and industries to prevent devastating loss of skill and knowledge.

about the founders

two Californians living the dream

We (Anita and Maggie) moved to Hong Kong in 2011 to chase our dream of discovering all that this fascinating city has to offer. What we quickly learned is that there is so much more to this place than just skyscrapers and shopping. As a way to share our passion for everything that Hong Kong has to offer, we created Sam the Expert and Sam the Local. Our sincerest hope is to help maintain things that make Hong Kong unique as the times change.